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Top Ten Reasons You Should Enroll in the Esther Vexler Yoga School…

1. EVYS was the first yoga teacher training (YTT) program in south Texas.
2. EVYS was also the first yoga teacher training in San Antonio registered with Yoga Alliance, and our program continues to meet requirements for the RYT-200.
3. EVYS is the only non-profit YTT in the area. 
4. Part of the EVYS mission is to provide yoga to underserved populations. As part of your training with EVYS, you will have the opportunity to engage in this sort of karma yoga, or service.
5. EVYS will give you a well-rounded yoga education. Rather than being a program that specializes in one particular school (or brand) of yoga, the EVYS program is a well-rounded hatha yoga program, which will give you the basics of hatha yoga instruction, including alignment, modifications and props, yoga philosophy, and much, much more. A well-rounded program will allow you flexibility as a yoga teacher without preventing you from teaching or practicing a specific style.
6. Our faculty includes a wonderful, seasoned group of teachers from the yoga community in San Antonio.
7. EVYS training includes yoga philosophy. We go well beyond the physical practice and strive to make the ancient wisdom of yoga accessible and useful for yoga teachers. 
8. Keep it local! It’s wonderful to go on retreat in Bali, but doing your teacher training close to home means your are supporting (and being supported by) your own community. And our community rocks!
9. The schedule is easy to keep – two weekends a month (and fewer, some months). And, training over an extended period of time allows you to more fully digest and integrate the material.
10. Our namesake, Esther Vexler, is the mother of yoga in San Antonio, and the oldest living yoga teacher in the US. Enough said.
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Enrollment is open for this fall – classes start in September!

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